Markey are the
exhibition and event
coffee, smoothie
and juice experts

We offer a complete service, from the hire of a single coffee machine to a fully staffed espresso or smoothie bar for your exhibition stand or event.

“Delivery of truly exceptional results should not be a rarity it should be the norm!”

Well, that’s what we think anyway. We don’t just hire out espresso machines and serve coffee, smoothies or juices. We’re there with you to ensure that your exhibition/event is a success and to create a positive and lasting impression for your guests.

Using a combination of experience and a considered approach we will increase the awareness of your brand and product.

Markey Coffee can provide you with a world-class standard of handmade Espresso Drinks, Fresh Fruit Smoothies and Freshly Juiced Beverages. We also have an extensive selection of Machinery and Consumables that are all designed to make your event unique.

Whilst you focus on the task at hand, let us enhance your event with our friendly and professional team. Hand picked and trained by us, our team will create a buzz and get you noticed.

By focusing on our strengths we are able to provide a hands on, professional and memorable service to corporate and private clients throughout the UK and Europe. In fact, anywhere in the world.

Markey Coffee can offer you a problem free solution to your event needs.

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