An impressive array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in style.

Our Flair Bar service incorporates traditional methods of classic and modern cocktails but with a twist, throw, balance and catch!

Impress your guests with our trained Baristi as they display their extensive drinks knowledge coupled with their expertise as mixologists and entertainers.


low capacity filter coffee machine
Great for
  • Fresh, made to order classic and modern alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails
  • A high energy, fun and impressive way to attract massive attention to your stand or event
  • Adding an atmosphere of energy, sights, sounds and fun!
  • Speed, efficiency and drinks of the highest quality
  • Peace of mind that our team has your best interests at heart
  • You and your team to achieve your objective whilst we take care of your guests
  • Branding opportunities
  • Ensuring huge visibility and multiple visits to your stand
Not for you if
  • You donít have space for this service on your stand our at your event
  • You do not want to attract attention to your stand or product
  • You prefer to produce your own drinks
  • You do not want to be different
What’s included?
  • Delivery, installation and collection
  • 2 x Professional flair baristi
  • A complete supply of bar equipment such as Shakers, boston's, strainers, bar mats, ice buckets, muddlers, bar caddies, knife-ware and the like.
  • A complete list of ingredients for your chosen menu of drinks such as Fresh fruit purees, soft drinks, hard drinks, ice, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Bin and bin liners
  • Under-counter fridge
  • Cups, glass or plastic

Our bench-top equipment and ingredients weigh approximately 15kg.


500 servings per day


A bar/counter is required for our flair Baristi. Either your surface or ours we require a bar/counter with the following dimensions, H 900mm x W 2000mm x D 750mm.

Power Required 500w

500w electrical supply to the bar for an under-counter fridge.

Full technical specifications available on request.