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Your feet are aching and so is your brain, as it’s been full-on since you got here at 7am this morning. 


You’ve shaken a thousand hands, given out a thousand business cards and received another thousand back. It’s now 3:55pm, she’ll be here at 4:00pm.  


Not the ideal time of day to be at your sparkling best to meet a potentially huge new client. But it was the only time she could do; so deep breath, fire up the laptop, fix on the winning smile and here goes…


You glance at your watch, look up again and she steps onto your stand, pretty much as the second hand ticks around to 4:00pm on the dot. 


Mover and shaker, she may be but she’s human and owns up to feeling ‘a bit pooped’. Is she in the right frame of mind to be wowed by your PowerPoint presentation, as brilliant as it is? You suggest a coffee; she replies, ‘Excellent idea!’ And that’s when everything began to fall into place.


Create Awareness. 


Through our dedicated and driven team of happy Baristas we’re proud to excite your guests in your brand and products. We’ve managed to bottle personality, energy and professionalism and each of them take one daily!

Seamless Delivery. 


Our mission is to simply have everything fall into place and NOT by chance! From start to finish and everywhere in between our process is straightforward, easy and fuss free. This allows us to flawlessly execute 500+ events around the world annually with a 100% success rate.

Pay Attention. 


We sweat the small (and big) stuff so that you don’t have to. Agile by nature and flexible in our approach we pour over every little bit of detail so that our event solutions end up “like it was meant to be”. Clean, crisp and accurate we’re driven by the pursuit of perfection. 

We Customise. 


Pioneers of bringing your brand to life with our solutions is key to differentiate your Markey service from others. Speciality branding be it subtle or bold and brash we know what works!


Our solutions can also be combined, modified and tailored to suit your needs!

We Reimagine. 


We’re proud of being different! Our company culture embodies this, and our team exude it. We are not “just catering”. We are thinking outside of the box, innovative, through provoking and peace of mind catering.

We Listen.

We’re all Ears (and Eyes) when it comes to your exact requirements. Whatever the challenge we have a solution and will work tirelessly with you to make sure all of the elements are just so. We realise that time is the enemy in this environment and quality counts! Our talented and passionate team of creatives love to make a difference.


Trusted Globally. 


Markey is a preferred supplier to some of the most recognised hotels, offices, conference venues and event centres around the world and in leading venues in the UK, Europe, North America and Canada. We have excellent and long-standing established relationships with ExCel London, SECC and Olympia venues in the UK, the CCIB, RAI and MICO in Europe and the BCEC, Hynes, McCormick Place and the SDCC in the US and the MTCCC and Calgary Stampede in Canada to name just a few. 


Our global reach, experience and participation at events worldwide has set the standard for others to follow.

We've pretty much been everywhere!


Unit 39B Park Farm Industrial Estate | Ermine Street

Buntingford | SG9 9AZ | Hertfordshire

United Kingdom 

+44 (0) 1763 271110



7251 West Lake Mead Boulevard | Suite 300

Las Vegas | NV 89128 


+1 800 674 3792


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